We love difficult women. 

Difficult woman know what they want. And when they don’t .. they know how to find it. They’re errotic. They’re not shy to speak the truth. They don’t cave under the status quo. They’re not easily pleased. They hustle. They know what they have to offer and they don’t shy away from it. 

Appreciation is key to their success. It undermines what’s important to them, and how they remain grounded to their values. Difficult women feel fearless. When they unite with others they want to share their love for life and all things beautiful. 

So what is so difficult.. 

Staying true to yourself. 

What ignites your stubborn confidence? Your ability to walk in a room and soak up the energy? Your constant embrace of your unique perfection .. 

Vescovi is made for difficult women. Women whose passion for desire and love begins and ends with themselves. They bear the fruit of what should be showcased on every magazine  cover inspiring the woman of our century. 

We aim to reshape the ideals of beauty and create confident, bold accessories that will reflect the woman that wear them. Being difficult is about loving yourself, your unique beauty and everything that makes you inspiring.